Getting Ready for my OPI Rainbow Voxbox

Hey guys!

So it’s been almost three weeks since I posted about looking forward to September, usually I would have had my OPI Rainbow Voxbox at least two days after receiving the You’re In! email but….Covid.

The days were passing without a box and everyone was getting worried because Influenster doesn’t provide International tracking so the tracker never moved past this:

This campaign is active in the US, UK, and France and it seems the US got their boxes but the UK and French boxes were no where to be seen. I sent a message asking if the boxes had been shipped yet since no one in the UK or France received their boxes and afterwards I received this email:

Basically the email is saying they just learned that I hadn’t received my box yet and they were experiencing shipping delays and I should expect my Voxbox in one to two weeks.

My nails are jacked and I said I would look for some falsies to do the campaign. I honestly didn’t know what brand to get so I searched Amazon France for one with the best reviews. I found these by a brand called Vixi.

This set includes 600 nails with 10 different sizes. My hands are small, size 2.5 ring! With all these different sizes I know I will find a good match (I hope so anyway).

The set comes with a little tube of glue but I’m not overly fond of the glues that come with false nails, they have a habit of being very weak. My nails will pop off the very next day if I don’t continuously reapply glue.

I decided to buy a pack of glue made especially for false nails.

The pack includes 5 bottles of glue and a nail file. The set of nails also comes with a nail file and I have a few of my own already. You can never have enough nail files.

It’s been about 5 days since the email about the delays so now it’s just a waiting game. I’m guessing I’ll get it sounds the same time as the package from Le Lab.

Maybe I should say “What’s up October?” or maybe not. I might jinx it again.

What’s up September?

September is looking like it will be a very interesting month for me. I have a lot of new products coming my way to test out and I am excited!

On August 6, I received a survey about a Voxbox from Influenster, I’ve spoken about them before, it’s a review site where you have the chance of getting a box of products to review. There’s a wide range of things you might be choosen for, food, clothing, beauty products, I haven’t seen any for books, video games, or toys but you never know. I’ve been with the site since 2014 and to my knowledge they never sent boxes to the Virgin Islands but when I moved here to France I forgot about the site. They didn’t ship here and I had other things on my mind but I decided to go back to it and review stuff just because. In 2018 they sent their first VoxBox to France and I got it!

The Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara Volume Spectaculaire VoxBox was my very first Voxbox and I really enjoyed the product. You can read my review about it here It’s the little things. When you complete the campaign you earn a neat little badge that you can display on your profile.

In 2019 I got into another VoxBox, I got into the OPI Tokyo Collection VoxBox, I spoke about it here New Voxbox! and here Influenster OPI Tokyo Collection. I wasn’t really expecting to get this box because France seem to get two surveys a year and I hadn’t gotten into the last one for 2018 or the first one for 2019. I really loved this box because I almost always seem to pick up purple nail polish and this allowed me to venture out a bit.

If the trend stays the same the survey I got from Influenster on August 6 is either the first or last survey of the year. I’m unsure because I received a survey on April 14 about Rexona deodorant but nobody even mentioned receiving it on Instagram or online anywhere. Usually you can see what everyone has received if you follow the right hashtag on Instagram but there has been no real activity on the French Influenster hashtag since last year.

This survey that I received was about a product from OPI, I’m going to be really honest even though I opted in I kind of hoped I wouldn’t get it because my nails are really terrible right now. I picked and peeled them until there is nothing. I’m going to have to get some falsies to do this campaign. While I was hoping not to and hoping to get the VoxBox, it showed up on my profile but I haven’t received a You’re In! email yet. I’ve heard of this happening to people before but this was the first time it has happened to me. With my first campaign I got the email and it took a while for it to show up on my profile and I was worried it had been a mistake.

The other products I’m waiting for are from Le Lab by Doctissimo. On August 5, I received an invite to apply for their Garnier Bio à l’huile de Chanvre Bio (Hemp Oil) campaign. I’ve never been accepted to any of the previous campaigns I applied to so I wasn’t really hopeful but on August 14, I was accepted!

I will be receiving the Hemp Multi-Restore Gel Cream and the Hemp Multi-Restore Facial Sleeping Oil. I was supposed to receive the package very soon but there were unforseen delays and I won’t get it until late September. I’m not really a fan of the Hemp smell but Garnier makes really good products so I’ll just have to wait and see about it.

There’s one other thing I’m hoping to hear about but I can’t say wether or not I’ll be reveiwing it yet. Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t so I’ll wait until I hear if I’m actually getting it before I say “I’m going to be reviewing this!”

So, yeah, I’m really looking forward to September.

I’ll obviously be reviewing these products so keep an eye out for those posts next month. Since I’m supposed to receive the Garnier one late September it will probably end up being posted in October.

Phasing my 23andme

Hello there!

As you guys have read about before here, here, and here. I took the 23andme test in June 2018 and got my results back on July 18, 2018. I was left very underwhelded, there was not much to learn from the results.

Take a look for yourself:

Over 100€ for that, I thought my brother’s Ancestry test was much more informative. It was fine though, a couple of months after there was an update and it broke down the African. It still wasn’t the best but at least it wasn’t just West African anymore. My .3% African Hunter-Gatherer was gone while Nigerian, Senegambian & Guinean, Congolese, and Sudanese was separated from the broad West African category. Coastal West African while narrowed down from just West African is still a broad category not to mention the Broadly West African, Broadly Congolese & Southern East African, and Broadly Sub-Saharan African. Just a lot of Broadly.

My European stayed mostly the same. Scandinavian at .4% was added send it made sense since my brother had Norway and Sweden which I assumed came from my Father’s mother. My grandmother’s family has been in the Danish West Indies since the first slaves were brought there. There’s also a mulatto ancestor with the surname Boldt, I admit it’s not much evidence but a cousin who descended from that same line also has Norway and Sweden. Unfortunately Ancestry DNA doesn’t have a Chromosome browser so I can’t see where that Norway and Sweden is located and if my brother and this cousin match on that same chromosome. Since doing my research on my grandfather’s place of birth Saint-Barthélemy, I realized that Swedish could come from that side since the Swedish colonized the Island from 1784 to 1877.

I should note that my African went up and my European went down, not by much but I found it interesting nonetheless. My Native American stayed the same and I gained Western Asian and North African.

In May 2019 my results went through another update, they called this a Beta update, my African portion was broken down even more, I lost the Sudanese but gained Ghanaian, Liberian & Sierra Leonean, the Congolese & Southern East African got a break down showing Angolan & Congolese but there was still those pesky Broadly categories.

My European had a revamp, the Iberian category was renamed to Spanish & Portuguese, I lost the little bit of Italian I had. My Native American once again stayed the same. Strangely, I had Central & South Asian added at 0.1%, seeing how categories at that level seem to vanish I didn’t expect to see it at the next update.

Now we’re at my most recent update before I phased with my father. It was updated around September 2019 but if you remember I was pregnant and sick during that time so I didn’t see the update until April of this year. My African Hunter-Gatherer is back at the same percentage too. Southern East African was added at .1%. My Western Asian & North African went up. I had a location for France, Nouvelle-Aquitaine which lines up perfectly with my paper trail, and I had a Caribbean location Dominica, which is right on the money since both my Mother’s parents were from there.

For Father’s Day I decided I was going to buy my father a 23andme kit, it wasn’t a surprise since I had spoken to both parents about it and they were interested, my father got his kit in July and his results were ready earlier this month. I’m not going to lie but I didn’t expect anything in his composition other than European and African. What he received shocked me.

My father apparently has Native American ancestry. Never in my life has anyone ever mentioned him having Native American anywhere in any of his family lines and since both his parents have passed I have no one to ask about it and will probably never find out where it comes from. Even better?

My Native American comes from him. All my life I was told my Mother’s mother had Kalinago ancestry and when I saw Native American in my composition I assumed it came from my Grandmother, jokes on me though, it could have come from a Grandmother, just not the one I thought.

My Father has two region in France and six in the United Kingdom. Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Occitanie lines up perfectly with our paper trail but all the United Kingdom regions are a mystery.

Here’s my results after phasing with my father. My African Hunter-Gatherer is gone once again. Italian has reappeared. My West Asian & North African has gone down again, this time they are trace ancestry.

I guess my course of action now is to test my Mother and see what secrets her dna is hiding.

Kylie Skin Routine

Today’s post will be special, my first bilingual post in English and French about trying out the Kylie Skin Routine. I used the Foaming Face Wash, the Vanilla Milk Toner, and the Face Moisturizer. My skin is not problematic at all which I’ve spoken about here in Smooth Skin. If I use anything it’s maybe a cleanser and a cream. You can see the products I’ve used in Smooth Skin and Dry Shampoo for Natural Hair.

Le post d’aujourd’hui sera spécial, mon premier post bilingue en anglais et en français sur l’essai du Skin Routine de Kylie. J’ai utilisé le nettoyant moussant pour le visage, le lait tonique à la vanille et l’hydratant pour le visage. Ma peau n’est pas du tout problématique, ce dont j’ai parlé ici dans Smooth Skin. Si j’utilise quelque chose, c’est peut-être un nettoyant et une crème. Vous pouvez voir les produits que j’ai utilisés dans Smooth Skin et Dry Shampoo for Natural Hair.

Let me start off by saying that I’ve heard of Kylie Jenner but I’ve never bought anything from her or watched Keeping up with the Kardashians. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the products. I tried not to look at any reviews or comments so that I could be as unbiased as possible and form my own opinions. With all need products I did look up the ingredients and two of the products gave me pause. I’ll get into that later on.

My testing stage began on Saturday August 1, 2020 and finished today Saturday August 15, 2020.

My Skin care routine includes these steps:

  • Wash face with Foaming Cleanser
  • Apply Milk toner
  • Apply Moisturizer

Just to see if I could spot any noticeable difference I took a photo before I began my new routine.

Ignore the hair please. It was wash day.

Permettez-moi de commencer par dire que j’ai entendu parler de Kylie Jenner, mais que je n’ai jamais rien acheté chez elle ni regardé “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. Honnêtement, je ne savais pas à quoi m’attendre avec les produits. J’ai essayé de ne pas regarder les critiques ou les commentaires afin de pouvoir être aussi impartial que possible et me faire ma propre opinion. Pour tous les produits nécessaires, j’ai cherché les ingrédients et deux des produits m’ont fait réfléchir. J’y reviendrai plus tard.

Ma phase d’essai a commencé le samedi 1er août 2020 et s’est terminée aujourd’hui, le samedi 15 août 2020.

Ma routine de soins de la peau comprend ces étapes :

  • Se laver le visage avec le nettoyant moussant
  • Appliquer le toner de lait
  • Appliquer une crème hydratante

Juste pour voir si je pouvais repérer une différence notable, j’ai pris une photo avant de commencer ma nouvelle routine.

Ignorez les cheveux, s’il vous plaît. C’était le jour du lavage.

Foaming Face Wash/Mousse Nettoyante Visage Nettoyant Visage

The first thing about this product that worried me is that there is kiwi seed oil in it and I’m allergic to kiwi. I wasn’t sure what me reaction to it would be as I’ve never used any skincare products with Kiwi in it before. I gave it a go anyway and hoped for the best. On first use I noticed that it has a very good foam, not too little and not too much, it left my face feeling very soft but I feel like it didn’t actually clean my face.

I feel like this is more suited for a gentle cleaning rather than removing makeup.


  • Face felt soft after using
  • Smell is light and not overpowering


  • Didn’t feel like I actually cleaned my face
  • Kiwi seed oil

You can buy this product at:

Ulta for $24

Kylie Skin for $24

La première chose qui m’a inquiété dans ce produit, c’est qu’il contient de l’huile de kiwi et que je suis allergique au kiwi. Je n’étais pas sûre de ma réaction à ce produit car je n’avais jamais utilisé de produits de soin contenant du kiwi auparavant. J’ai quand même essayé et j’ai espéré que tout irait bien. Lors de la première utilisation, j’ai remarqué qu’il avait une très bonne mousse, ni trop ni trop peu, il a laissé mon visage très doux, mais j’ai l’impression qu’il ne m’a pas vraiment nettoyé le visage.

J’ai l’impression que cela convient mieux à un nettoyage en douceur plutôt qu’au démaquillage.

Pro :

  • Le visage était doux après l’utilisation
  • L’odeur est légère et non accablante

Contre :

  • Je n’avais pas l’impression de m’être vraiment nettoyé le visage
  • Huile de graines de kiwi

Vous pouvez acheter ce produit à l’adresse suivante :

Nocibé pour 29,90€

Vanilla Milk Toner/Lait Tonique à la vanille Tonique

This product is really good, it has a nice consistency and I feel like it really removes everything the mousse leaves behind. The scent is very light almost scentless. I really have nothing bad to say about it.


  • Removed excess dirt from face and neck


  • None

You can but this product at:

Ulta for $22

Kylie Skin for $22

Ce produit est vraiment bon, il a une belle consistance et j’ai l’impression qu’il enlève vraiment tout ce que la mousse laisse derrière elle. Le parfum est très léger, presque sans odeur. Je n’ai vraiment rien de mauvais à dire à ce sujet.

Pro :

  • Enlever l’excès de saleté du visage et du cou

Contre :

  • Rien du tout

Vous pouvez acheter ce produit à l’adresse suivante :

Nocibé pour 27,90€

Face Moisturizer/Hydratant visage Hydratant

I was really unsure about using this cream. One of the ingredients is orange peel extract and I’m allergic to oranges, I figured if it’s on the skin it shouldn’t be so bad since my allergy is more towards eating and drinking orange products. I gave it a go and have to say that I had no problems. The cream is a good consistency, not too thick and not too light, it absorbs into the skin really well unfortunately, I didn’t find that my skin felt moisturized after using it. It felt pretty dry. At first it was fairly easy to get some product out but after usibng it for a while it became more difficult to get any product, sometimes I would have to pump several times or shake the product a little.


  • Good consistency


  • Face doesn’t feel moisturized
  • Orange Peel extract
  • Have to pump several times

You can buy this product at:

Ulta for $24

Kylie Skin for $24

Je n’étais vraiment pas sûr d’utiliser cette crème. L’un des ingrédients est un extrait de peau d’orange et je suis allergique aux oranges. Je me suis dit que si c’est sur la peau, ça ne devrait pas être si grave puisque mon allergie est plutôt à la consommation de produits à base d’orange. J’ai essayé et je dois dire que je n’ai eu aucun problème. La crème a une bonne consistance, pas trop épaisse et pas trop légère, elle s’absorbe très bien dans la peau ; malheureusement, je n’ai pas trouvé que ma peau se sentait hydratée après l’avoir utilisée. Elle était assez sèche. Au début, il était assez facile de faire sortir du produit, mais après l’avoir utilisé pendant un certain temps, il est devenu plus difficile d’obtenir du produit, parfois je devais pomper plusieurs fois ou secouer un peu le produit.

Pro :

  • Bonne cohérence

Contre :

  • Le visage ne se sent pas hydraté
  • Extrait d’écorce d’orange
  • Il faut pomper plusieurs fois

Vous pouvez acheter ce produit à l’adresse suivante :

Nocibé pour 29,90€


On the very first day I began this routine 2 hours after applying the products my face felt like it was slightly burning, I was very worried that I would break out in pimples or that my face would become very red so I kept checking the mirror to see if anything was changing. Thankfully, I saw no changes.

The second day I encountered no burning sensation, no redness, or pimples.

Two weeks after starting the routine my face feels smooth and soft.

Le tout premier jour où j’ai commencé cette routine, deux heures après avoir appliqué les produits, mon visage me semblait légèrement brûlé. J’avais très peur d’avoir des boutons ou de voir mon visage devenir très rouge, alors j’ai continué à regarder dans le miroir pour voir si quelque chose changeait. Heureusement, je n’ai vu aucun changement.

Le deuxième jour, je n’ai pas eu de sensation de brûlure, de rougeur ou de boutons.

Deux semaines après avoir commencé la routine, mon visage est lisse et doux.

My face after the two weeks, I know you’ll notice that my mole is on the other side now but it’s because I took off the mirroring setting on my front camera, it was a bit of vanity. I wanted my Cruzan Girl chain to actually read as Cruzan Girl when I took selfies and I forgot to turn it back on.

Mon visage après ces deux semaines, je sais que vous remarquerez que mon grain de beauté est de l’autre côté maintenant mais c’est parce que j’ai enlevé le réglage du miroir de ma caméra frontale, c’était un peu de la vanité. Je voulais que ma chaîne Cruzan Girl se lise vraiment comme Cruzan Girl quand je prenais des selfies et j’ai oublié de la remettre en marche.

Trip to Correns and more

Welcome back or if you’re visiting for the first time hello.

The last time I posted “The Last of them” my grandfather had just passed away and I was not in a good frame of mind. I’m doing better now, not 100% but I don’t feel like closing myself up in a deep dark hole, I got the space I needed to grieve and I’m thankful for that.

One of my nieces went on vacation to the beach and my son wanted so badly join her but the closest beach to us is almost 5 hours away! There’s no way we travel that far to go to the beach. Or so I thought…

On Monday, all smug like, my son said to me “we’re going to the beach tomorrow”, Yeah right, I thought, we’re not going anywhere but his father didn’t say anything to me, then again his father waits until the very last minute to tell me anything. I’m sitting there contemplating this information and whether or not I can trust it when Marvin comes home and asks Naveen if he told me.

Told me?

Told me what?

Naveen said “yes, I tell Mama”, you mean it’s true? We’re going to the beach tomorrow?


I had a rough night, Oyanie kept waking up even though she was sleeping for a good six hours, this night she decided four hours was good enough. So there I was on Tuesday morning, tired as hell and have to get up to start packing and making sure we don’t forget anything.

Everything checked and double checked, we were on our way, on our to where? I didn’t know. I just knew we were going to the beach. I mentioned before that my husband doesn’t tell me anything until last minute? Well for trips he doesn’t tell me where we are going at all… I think he works under the misinformation that I like surprises, nothing could be further from the truth, after 10 years I’ve just accepted that he likes surprising me. I’ve never hated any of his surprises so I’ll allow it.

First we stopped to get gas, can’t drive for so long on an empty tank eh, that done we started our long drive to the beach, at first I was admiring the scenery as we drove but that quickly turned to fatigue as we continued driving, we’d been driving for almost two hours when I felt the car slowing down, I didn’t see it ok, I feel asleep, it was a very long drive. We took a little break so we could stretch our legs, eat and drink, and just rest for a bit. We stil had about two hours left of driving to go. I was curious about what kind of hotel we would be staying in this time and anticipating just dropping onto the bed and staying there for however long I would need. Sitting in the car for so long had made my back ache like there was no tomorrow.

Our little stop over we were back on the road again, this passed by like a blur, I remember a lot of trees and building and then water, some of the water was greenish colored but the closer we got to our destination the more blue the color became.

Finally, we arrived at our destination, this wasn’t like any hotel I’d ever seen before, because it wasn’t, we were staying in someone’s air b&b?

It was an apartment of sorts, the door was one of those really old European doors, ancient wooden panel with a round knob that looks like it might fall off at any moment, it didn’t though, these doors are pretty strong despite their appearance. Inside was a kitchen slash dinning slash living area. Kind of like what we have at home, there’s no definition of space in the homes I’ve visited here in France. There was an upstairs, where I assume was the bedrooms and bathroom but there was one problem.

The stairs looked like something out of my worst nightmare..

Apparently Naveen felt the same because he refused to climb the stairs, we had no choice though, the beds were upstairs and the toilet which we would need sooner or later. His father helped him climb the ladder, I refuse to call it stairs, I followed behind gingerly placing my feet on each rung and holding onto the railing like my life depended on it. If you think going up that monstrosity was bad, going down it was worse, each rung was so narrow I had to try to climb down sideways so my feet could find purchase on each slender step. The worse thing about this was when I had to go up or down with Oyanie in my arms, There I was with my tiny bady held tightly in one arm and the other wrapped around the railing and trying to gauge how far down each step was from the other.

Naveen became a pro at the stairs, he went up and down like they were nothing, me? No such thing, I took the stairs only if I really needed to otherwise I was fine to stay upstairs or downstairs wherever I was at the moment.

We didn’t end up going to the beachthe first day because it would take another hour and we had reacher too late to go to the beach. We did visit an old wash station where there was a river flowing through. Naveen told his father he didn’t want to go to the beahc anymore, he was content to stay here and enjoy the river, we didn’t come all this way for the river though. We were going to drive to the beach the next day.

A semi good nights sleep, Ms Oyanie was up every four hour again, we had breakfast and relaxed a bit before heading to the beach around noon. The drive was interesting, we followed a canal of water along a very small road, you literally had to ride the wall to let another car pass, at the end of the canal was the beach.

I’ll be completely honest, being from the Caribbean I grew up with white sand, blue waters, literally beaches of your dreams, this, was not it. First things first, the sand, more like dirt was speckled with something gold that felt like dust on your skin if it touched you. The water was not beckoning at all, add in that there was so many people there, my anxiety went sky high and I was content to stay on the bench we scored under the very shady tree. Marvin asked me if I wanted to go in the water and it was a big no. I’m fine love.

We spent about two hours there, Naveen enjoyed himself immensely, Oyanie stayed with me mostly, and Marvin went in the water with Naveen, everybody enjoyed themself and it was time to drive back to the apartment.

Had an okay night, it was time to head back home which meant another long drive, strangely, going up and down those horrifying stairs gave me muscle aches in my legs, I will not miss them at all. And because I completely forgot that Oyanie made five months yesterday I decided to take some pictures, she was not cooperating at all so I got many many very similar pictures lol. I thought I had settled on the best picture but I felt like the background was too busy and you couldn’t see her face well enough so I moved locations and voilà, the month 5 picture.

This drive I did better, I didn’t fall asleep so I saw some cool things like this church? ontop of the hill, not sure you can really see it in the picture.

Also saw this really cute tiny castle on a roundabout.

Finally we were back home!

This trip wasn’t the only thing I was up to, I also found this really interesting app on the appstore, you upload a picture and people try to guess where you are from, it said to input the furthest back your ancestry went so I entered France and Nigeria. Trying out the app I realized that I really can’t tell where people are from, I get lucky soemtimes but for the most part I guess very wrongly.

Here’s what people guessed for me:

The last interesting thing I have to talk about is a secret campaign I was selected for. I can’t say what I’m supposed to review yet but when the package arrived I’ll write a post about it. Stay tuned for that!

Alright, that’s all for now see you guys later!

The last of them


That’s what my grandfather would call me. Said in his Dominican (Dominica) accented English.

I have so many wonderful memories of him and with him. I can still hear him calling my brother Andre Champagne or hear him playing the guitar with us children gathered round in that little house in Peter’s Rest.

I can see his photography hanging on the walls of my parent’s home. It was through him that I developed a love of photography, I always hoped that I could someday be as good as he was, I haven’t used my camera in a very long time and that makes this so much more worse to me.

I remember the Werther’s candy he always had for us kids. I loved them and will always think of my Grandpa when I see them. They don’t taste the same but I’ll buy a pack the next time I see one and just pretend for a moment that it’s the same one you used to share.

I remember that one year when you had so many Sonic the Hedgehog tops, my brothers and I would color on a piece of paper, cut it out to fit in top of the top and watch the pretty patterns it would make as it spun in a circle.

I remember the last time I saw you, 2015, my mother brought me and my son to see you before we left the Island for France. You held onto us and prayed for our safe journey.

I didn’t grow up knowing my great grandparents but I’ll be damned if my children don’t know about their great grandfather Norbert.

My grandfather was my last living grandparent, he fought that cancer for 18 long months, every message from home I dreaded those words, I knew it was coming but still…

Summer Skin

Last week I received two samples in the mail and today I finally got to try them out.

I’ll be giving my thoughts on erborian’s Ginseng BB Cream and both the Minéral 89 Daily Booster and Minéral 89 Eyes from Vichy.

I want to state that I’ve never used a BB Cream before but I have heard of them and I’ve heard that some of them can be drying so it’s best to use a moisturiser before applying your BB Cream, I decided to use the Daily Booster first so here is what I thought of it.

Daily Booster by Vichy

I applied little drops on my face and spread it from the center outward, the product felt a little thicker than water and I had no problem spreading it on my face or throat. It absorbed quickly and left no residue behind. The scent is very agreeable, it’s not cloying and once applied it doesn’t linger.

You can purchase the Daily Booster for 21,20€

I have terrible dark circles around my eyes and having a 4 month old who doesn’t sleep hasn’t helped so I used the Eyes serum next.

Eyes by Vichy

I took less than a pea sized amount and applied it under both my eyes, the product felt creamy and thicker than the Booster but quickly absorbed into the skin, like the Booster the scent is not overly present and doesn’t linger.

You can purchase Eyes for 13,50€

And finally I applied the BB Cream.

Ginseng BB Cream by erborian

The BB Cream I received was in the shade Caramel, it has a very pleasing odour, it smells lightly floral, you really don’t need that much product so I applied some pea sized drops and spread it from the center outward. I wasn’t sure if Caramel would match my skin tone but it’s hard to tell that I have anything on my face.

You can purchase the BB Cream for 16,90€

As you can see both Vichy and erborian has helped me achieve Summer Ready Skin.

Mute Again

It’s been a good writing day, I believe I’ve spoken about my Wattpad account before where I have three published works, one super short story Vishal and two poetry based works Tales of An Introverted Expat and The Silence Inside Me.

I updated the cover of The Silence Inside Me and added a new poem.

Cover art by Melanie Wasser on Unsplash

The title of the poem is Mute Again and I’ll share it here with you.

Mute Again

I was doing good, I was talking to the world, my words were finally being heard and I could express my every thought, and then…

Then I moved.

To another country where they didn’t speak my language and I didn’t speak theirs.

I was back at square one.

I studied every day, I watched all the movies, all the videos, I listened to music, I read so many stories.

And yet…

Here I am.

Mute again.

Another group of people who don’t understand.
Another group of people who label me, unfriendly, snobby, shy.

I want to scream, I’m not shy, I’m not unfriendly, I’m not a snob.

But once again.

My words fail me, they stay lodged in the back of my throat, they abandon me when I need them the most.

I just want to be free.

Free to speak, free to show my emotions, free to be me.

But here I am again.

Locked in my own mind.

Here I am looking for those who know, those who understands, those who feel as I do, those silent people with so much to say.

My people.

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The Fathers in my Life

Today is Father’s Day, a day I usually don’t care for because of my own weird relationship with my father, so, today I’m going to talk about the many father figures I’ve had in my life and how they lead me to the father in my children’s lives.

My Father

Me and my father 1987-1988

My father is not an easy man to understand, some days you wonder if he even cares, I’ve spoken a bit about this in The Useless Sibling and the truth is it was so much worse, the other day someone asked me what was the best feature of my father that I looked for in a man and I just couldn’t think of one. Almost everything I thought of was something I didn’t want. I didn’t want to be treated as a mistake in my partners life and I sure as hell didn’t want him to view or children as play things for his public persona. That saying that a father is a girl’s first love? Not even close to being true for me.

Two of my most vivid memories are of my parents fighting, one where my mother was going to leave the house and had her keys in her hand and my father grabbed her arm and was pulling it like he was going to break it, I jumped on his back and started pummeling him while I yelled for my brothers, my oldest brother came with a broom stick and my father finally let go of our mother. The second incident I don’t remember as well but I remember my mother bitting into his arm and he was hitting her in the head trying to get her loose.

These were just two extremes but they fully cemented in my head that I didn’t want a relationship like this. I didn’t want a man like this, I wasn’t even sure I ever wanted to get married, all the marriages in my life save one was toxic, cheating, children on the outside, fighting, just a lot of toxicity.

Uncle Luis

Now I’ll talk about that one good marriage in my life, one of my mother’s sisters, Aunty Cathy, married my Uncle Luis, from the very first time I remember meeting him he has always been very nice to me. With my Selective Mutism I didn’t speak to him, I remember feeling very shy around him for a long time but that didn’t change how he treated me, he would talk to me, show interest in my drawings, try my failed attempts at sodas haha, he did everything my father didn’t. My uncle out of everyone in my life is who I based the ideal mate on. My aunt and uncle lived with us for a while and those were good days, I felt heard and seen, I had a good male figure in my life and he treated my aunt really well.

The day they moved out was one of the saddest in my life, it meant I would go back to being ignored or yelled at for just existing. Even though he no longer lived with us I never forgot the way my uncle treated me, I would look forward to their visits every time.

My Husband

Before I met my husband I wasn’t sure I wanted to get married or have children, I was pretty content in the fact that I would be single Aunty Lynnette, the cool and strict aunt. For whatever reasons my cousins believed I was a traveling girl? Meaning that I had many boyfriends and several sexual encounters. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, I didn’t do much as kiss a guy until my husband.

I mean sure I had lots of male friends but they were just friends, I also didn’t meet any of them in real life, my mother says I’m pretty unobservant because a lot of them were flirting with me but I never noticed it? I like my friends, they’re good men but not for me, they weren’t like my uncle none of the guys I met were like my uncle so definitely not someone I would be interested in forming a permanent bond with.

I spoke a bit on how I ended up with my husband in My Truths. Before we even had children I saw how he was with his niece and how he was with my nieces, it reminded me so much of my beloved uncle and they were both tall and wore glasses, if this wasn’t the universe talking to me I don’t know what it was.

Marvin and Chacha

One of my nieces was so taken with Marvin that she started calling him Daddy, I routinely call her his first child haha, I have to say that even though I was determined to find a man nothing like my father, Marvin and my father shared several similar tastes and qualities. I somehow found a man that was a balance between my father and my uncle.

The most notably quality between my father and Marvin? Determination. I swear I’ve never seen two people who would never give up until they have accomplished what they set out to do.

My Weekend in Annecy

Annecy, a city found in the Haute-Savoie Department of France. It’s located in the southeastern part of France, where Lake Annecy feeds into the Thiou River, this city has been on my bucket list for a few years.

I especially wanted to see Lake Annecy, La Vieille Ville, Pont des Amours, and Palais de l’Ile.

We left on Saturday around 12pm, the drive took around 2hrs, the weather was not the best, it was overcast and pretty chilly, yes, chilly in June! We’ve been having temperatures in the 50s which is about 12° Celsius.

As we were driving my son would get really excited seeing the clouds covering the mountains and driving through mist.

The most exciting thing though was driving through the mountains! I don’t mean over the mountains either, we drive through tunnels that went through the belly of the mountains, twice, and each time it was crazy.

Yeah, yeah, you might have don’t this before, probably many times, for us especially coming from an island without any mountains it was something really special to see and experience. I only wish I had taken a picture.

We reached the hotel about 2:55 or so, it was raining a bit and my husband realized we had forgotten the baby carrier, so there we were sans stroller and carrier so my husband had to heft the bag with our stuff and the little miss.

We hurried into the hotel and quickly got our room key, strangely enough there was only one key so we either had to all go out at the same time or some go and others stay behind. It was an ok hotel from the little I saw on our way to the room, there was a game room where Naveen wanted to spend some time. The elevator ride was terrible, it was so jerky, and I got bad motion sickness.

When we arrived at the room I noticed it was kind of small, there were two full size beds, one fairly close to the door and the other closer to the opposite wall, Naveen was only to happy to have such a big bed all to himself. I think miss lady believed the other one was for her.

We took a little rest, change Oyanie’s diaper and feed her then we were off!

First we stopped at Burger King so that the bigger people could eat then we visited the lake, the rain was still coming down, because we were closer to the lake the wind was really strong and those two things made it pretty cold.

Without the carrier, Oyanie ended up wrapped in her father’s coat, we tried to keep her as well as possible while taking in the sights.

The Pont des Amours wasn’t far from the lake, just had to keep walking and there we were, a little ways from the bridge I spotted a giant bow and arrow. I haven’t been able to find any information on it yet but I probably am not searching for the right terms.

Pont des Amours
Giant Bow and Arrow

Naveen was only too happy to have space to run around and explore. He wanted to keep walking but it was still raining and Oyanie was getting tired. We decided to head back to the hotel.

For dinner we had pizza from Domino’s, it’s been many years since I’ve had a pizza from there, I found the pizzas to be pretty small, we ordered two and had really tiny containers of ice cream and some kind of dessert with chocolate. I didn’t eat the chocolate dessert. The ice cream was enough for me.

It was a bit difficult to get Oyanie to sleep and after trying and trying she finally went to sleep but I ended up not being able to fall asleep, I don’t know if I was too hot or if I was just too wired to sleep, whatever it was I ended up just laying there twisting and turning the whole night.

My phone was charging in Marvin’s side of the bed and I didn’t want to wake anyone up trying to reach so I tried to wait patiently until everyone woke up. Thankfully Marvin woke up long enough to hand me my phone.

Finally everyone was up and it was time to check out of the hotel but first Oyanie got a bottle.

I hadn’t noticed it before when we arrived but downstairs in the lobby there’s a statue of a red cow.

Everyone was hungry do we decided to go to the bakery, unfortunately the bakery had a long line as they only allowed one customer in at a time, we were too hungry to wait in line do we took a walk looking for other places to eat.

Every so often Marvin would stop to look at menus or Naveen would watch stalls with people selling toys.

Finally, after waking for what seemed like forever, we went into French Coffee Shop, Marvin asked me what I wanted and I looked over the offerings. There were lots of muffins and some other things but what caught my attention was the cheesecake. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it before but I love cheesecake, if I see it I will always want it, so when Marvin asked me again what I wanted without hesitation I said cheesecake.

Now, things could have gone either good or bad because not everyone can make cheesecake.

Thankfully, this was not the case, nope, this cheesecake was delicious, it was utterly divine, like if anyone would have tried to ask me to taste some I’d stuff the whole thing in my mouth or lick it.

I had to restrain myself from licking the cardboard but I sure did lick the spoon. Breakfast over with, we walked back to the car and began the drive to go home.

Now, we’re home, I’m very tired so will probably end this here.