Now you see it!

25 weeks 2 days

Ah ha! I told you there was a baby in there, my little bean was growing and now you can see my little bump. I was in the middle parts of 6 months and feeling kicks, punches, and rolling over from my bean. It was strange to see and feel.

********** UPDATE from my old Blog **********

Week 25 has been the worse since the first trimester, I am very very nauseous all day long and it’s worse at night, when he moves I get even more nauseous and recently I have been up at 2 am and 4 am in the bathroom fighting the need to vomit, sometimes I just lay on the floor and hope my belly settles, others I sit by the toilet, I sniff the cleaner, I sniff Rubbing alcohol, anything to try to stop it! 
The computer screen was a trigger so I usually turn it off and stick it under my bed when it’s time to sleep but any light seems to be the problem, my bed room light, the light from the phone, my cell phone screen, I can’t take them, the moving, and my own nausea. I am up to 4 Zofan a day most of the dose being in the night, not to say mornings aren’t hellish either. I usually dry heave when I wake up and then try to go on with my day.
Naveen will definitely be an only child, I can’t see doing this again or even having it worse, most if not all HG moms have it worse with each pregnancy and I don’t think my body can handle another one of these and I doubt very much that I will forget ANY of this. 

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