Three Months Later

It has been three months since my son was born and it has been very interesting, I go to sleep and wake up to the cutest  little face, yea I wake up, every two hours. I am pretty much always exhausted and have permanent dark circles under my eye, they’ve always been there but are much more darker  now. When we do wake up at 4, I change his diaper so there won’t be any accidents in the rest of the night. It is then that Mr. decides he wants to play.
He smiles, he squirms, he flails his arms and kicks his feet and all I want to do is go back to sleep. If he was ever like this in the belly I have no clue, I was always passed out either from exhaustion or sleeping pills. It doesn’t make much sense to me that he will want to play, he goes back to sleep not even an hour later. I am left scratching my head more often than not.

Now that he is 3 months old Navi has learned to lift his head, grab things, and roll from his belly to his back, he even laughs, it’s a rare thing because he is such a serious boy. I’m getting to understand who this little person is a bit better every month. It’s still a indescribable feeling knowing that this baby grew inside of me for all those months and almost killed me in the process. I’ll never let him forget how painful it was so he better be a very good boy while growing up.

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