Today is Standing Day!

Today my little baby decided he was going to stand every chance he got, he didn’t just hold on to something and let go either, he pushes up from a crouch. It’s always so amazing to see him when he’s standing there for a few seconds before he falls. The feeling I get in my chest knowing that this is the little baby that was growing in my belly, I can’t describe it.

If anyone is interested in knowing the song playing in the background of the video is Pati ft. King Saha- Birooto

I’m a proud Momma right now, I know every baby is different, but when it’s your first you can’t help but feel like your baby is special.

That being said, yesterday I had this lofty idea that I would take a picture throughout this day to see what my day was like, when I woke up this morning (unwillingly might I add) I completely forgot about it and only remembered now. I guess I could still do it but it won’t be accurate and I’m kind of ocd about things being accurate. I’m not even sure I will even attempt it tomorrow, because when I really think about it, my day is boring. I don’t have much going on at all.

On the other hand I did get a fair bit of writing done for my story, I devote a little time every day to it now, I got some done last night when Nabo fell asleep and I took a bit of time this morning when he was playing with his cousins, I’m hoping that I can get a bit more tonight too.

Ah the beauty of a mobile child, I have to track him down because he is super fast on his knees now, before he was slow and I could easily look down and he’d still be in the same spot, I can hear him with his older cousin so I know he’s not too far, until next time.

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