New Voxbox!

Hey Everyone!

So last month I got a Survey from Influenster for a new Voxbox, I completed it but wasn’t confident I would get it because I’ve only ever had three of those surveys and didn’t get the last one I completed. I mean it will almost be a month since I did the survey and I didn’t really think much of it so imagine my surprise when I get an email Saying I’m In!

If you’re just now hearing about this, Influenster is a site where people post reviews about products they’ve used before, you can also receive free products from different brands to try out, I received a mascara from Marc Jacobs which I blogged about here, if this sounds interesting to you, you can visit the site and learn more

I’m super excited to say the least, I’m going to receive the new Opi Tokyo Spring Collection you can read more about it here. I have no idea what colors I will be receiving and I am partial to purple but my only two nail polishes are purple so maybe I will receive something else and I can finally branch out.

In the Voxbox will be an Infinite Shine Primer, an Infinite Shine Gloss, and three colors from the collection to test and share my reviews with my followers.

The system works in three steps to give you a gel like shine:

Step 1:  To start,  apply one coat of the Infinite Shine Primer to each nail. Make sure to shake the primer beforehand to mix thoroughly.

Step 2: Apply two thin coats of Infinite Shine polish to each nail. We recommend working on both hands at the same time so they dry properly.

Step 3: Apply one coat of Infinite Shine Gloss to each nail to finish off your final nail look.

We do have plans to be away for the weekend and I’m really hoping that I get the box before then so that I can try out the polish before we leave. If I don’t get it before then well I guess I’ll just have a lovely surprise waiting for me.

I’m off to work on some genealogy now, so I’ll updat you guys when I get back from my trip or before then!

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