Influenster OPI Tokyo Collection

Welcome back!

So I spoke about getting the I’m In email for the OPI Tokyo Spring Collection here.

I’m happy to say that I received it almost directly after I posted that. I didn’t really get much time to try out the polishes before getting ready for our weekend camping trip which I will talk about later.

In the Voxbox I received:

1 Infinite Shine Primer

2 Infinite Shine Polishes (Hurry-juku Get this Color! and I’m On a Sushi Roll)

1 Infinite Shine Gloss

*In the email I received it said 3 polishes but I only received 2 which is fine since these things tend to change before you actually receive the package.

I’ve been back for a week now and have had time to try out my new polishes. My nails aren’t the best at the moment because of all the anxiety and stress I had before the trip but I did put in the polish to see how long it lasts.

It’s been 3 days and do far so good, no chipping, the nails are as shiny as when I first applied the polish, and it will hopefully last another 4 days or more.

The process of applying the varnished was pretty easy, I applied the Primer first which is just a clear coat, I then applied my color of choice, I did alternating colors on my hands so 4 nails were one color and the middle the other color, finally I applied the gloss. One dip in the pot colored my thumb and another dip colored the remaining 3 nails, I also had to remove a lot of excess polish because I made the mistake of trying to brush just out the pot and made a big mess. So, remember remove the excess before polishing! I won’t say that it took long to finish drying at all but be careful not to touch it bump into anything while the nails are drying out you could end up with fingerprints on your nails.

If you’re interested in buying the Infinite Shine Primer and Gloss in a set you can find it at Sephora for 24,50€.

If you’re not in France you can get it at Amazon for $20.50.

If you want the Infinite Shine Tokyo Spring Collection you can find the polishes at Sephora at 14,50€ per polish.

In the US you can check OPI to find a store near you.

I think I will pick up some false nails to really give these lovelies a try, maybe I might get fancy and try a design!

Don’t you like my Bitmoji? I think she’s super cute!

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