The week to pass

I’m 7 weeks today, the same amount weeks I was when my life shattered in 2015. I wanted to wait until I passed this mark before sharing but life always has other plans.

Graphic thanks to Nurture App by Glow.

If you’re interested in the Nurture app you can find it on the Play Store here.

Things are so different now, I have insurance, my French is apparently good enough that I can speak to hospital staff, I am on a very strong medication, Largactil which is the last step before hospitalization and IV drugs.

And yet…

I am filled with doubts and dreading the thoughts of something bad happening, the vivid dreams are not helpful either.

Now more than ever I wish I was home where I’d be surrounded by family and love instead of stuck in my bedroom while my 5 year old takes care of himself. I worry about him see much and trying to get up to check on him is a fall down the stairs waiting to happen. So many times I’ve gotten dizzy or nauseous and had to sit before I could continue.

I’ve successfully passed 7 weeks!

I’m now 9 weeks and 3 days, I think I can feel my uterus starting to peek out from behind my pelvic bone. Nothing big just that little feeling of firmness.

Soon my little baby will start looking like a baby and I’ll have my first ultrasound, I can’t wait for that, the days seem to drag but at least I have something to look forward to.

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