Back to School

Hey guys,

Yesterday my son went back to school and it was both awesome and horrible.

Usually I walk him to school, pick him up for lunch, drop him back, then pick him up after school.

I walk for all of this but since I got pregnant I’ve not been able to walk very far or for very long which proved to be difficult for the coming school year so my husband and I decided Naveen would eat lunch in school this year saving me the lunch trip but that left dropping and picking up. In the end it was decided my husband would drop him and pick him up.

That left me free from doing anything which would be too difficult.

Except now I have nothing to fill my time and I find myself wishing there was something to do. I tried watching a little TV, working on the computer, reading a bit but I wound up just tiring myself and ended up taking naps throughout the day until it was time for both Naveen and Marvin to come home.

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