Aiovak Hair Care

Hey guys!

I thought I spoke about this company before but apparently I didn’t which is a shame because it’s pretty new but their products are quite the rage. I’ve only tried the Ginger Gooseberry Hair Mask which I posted about in my Instagram.

When I tried out the Mask it was the only product offered by Aiovak and they didn’t have a website or Instagram account, I can’t be sure but I think the Mask took a week to reach me which is pretty good considering it came from the US.

The Mask smelled like Gooseberry and had a watery consistency. It ran everywhere when I put it in my hair but it worked like a charm!

Ginger Gooseberry Hair Mask

Now I’m happy to say that Aiovak has rebranded and launched their website at:

You can also follow their Facebook page: Aiovak Hair Care, LLC

And their Instagram:

Products offered at Aiovak now are:

Leave-In Conditioner

The Leave-In comes in two sizes 8 oz for $15 and 16 oz for $26

Ginger Gooseberry Hair Mask

The Hair Mask only comes in 8 oz at $15

Hair Oil

The Hair Oil comes in two sizes 4 oz for $10 and 8 oz for $17

At those prices what are you waiting for? Grab some products and get to styling your gorgeous locks!

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