Crucian with Mami

Learning Crucian with Mami

To everyone else I might be Lynnette or Lyly but to my children I am Mami or Mom as we say it in Crucian1, while my son was born in the Virgin Islands he has lived in France since he was 2 years old, everyone kept saying 1 parent 1 language works but some how it didn’t in our case. My son doesn’t speak any of our local creole and barely anything of English even though I’ve only spoken to him in our creole. There should be a need to speak creole since I don’t speak French and we do have frustrations because of the language barriers but that’s not enough I guess. So I decided now was the perfect time to teach him and his soon to be 1 year old sister the language.

1Crucian is the English based creole spoken on St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.

Crucian with Mami -Ih and Ain

Welcome back to #CrucianwithMami, today I’m going to talk about the 3rd thing Pronoun Ih or as they say in Standard English It. Ih is an interesting word while it means “it” it can also be used to say “there’s”. With Crucian it’s really best to learn by listening since there really aren’t any formal … Continue reading Crucian with Mami -Ih and Ain

Crucian with Mami- S/He

Welcome back to #CrucianwithMami, in the last lesson I mentioned that I was going to focus on the 3rd person pronoun He but I felt like it made more sense to talk about both He and She since they are very similar. In Standard English He and She both have four forms (He, She, Him, … Continue reading Crucian with Mami- S/He

Crucian with Mami- Yo -Yu

Welcome back to #CrucianwithMami, today I am going to talk about the Crucian second person pronoun Yu sometimes said as Yo. In Standard English you has four forms (You, Your, Yours, and Yourself) in Crucian there are also four forms (Yu, Yo, Yo’s, and Yoself) I wish I could offer an indept explanation as to … Continue reading Crucian with Mami- Yo -Yu

I – Me’en

Welcome to the first lesson of #CrucianwithMami, I originally wanted to start with the word “Deh” but I’ll leave that for the next lesson. Today we are focusing on the two forms of I that is used in Crucian, the affirmative form I and the negative Me’en. This are no strict rules when using I … Continue reading I – Me’en


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