My first time camping

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to my blog, today I’m going to talk about my first real time camping, I emphasize on real because back in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands where I’m from there’s a tradition where families camp out on the beaches for the Easter Holiday. My family has never gone but my father has put up a tent either in our front yard which is directly outside the front porch, the dog area where all the dogs are, or the side yard which faces the cottage on our property.

Yeah I grew up in a big house with a huge yard but the majority of it was down the side of a hill so not very useful.

Anyway, this was my only experience with camping and we didn’t even stay a day in the tent because it was way too hot. My father would bring in a fan but it’s Caribbean humid and they fan did nothing for the sweat that would run down our faces, so we followed our mother back inside and left our father to his tent.

20 or so years later and I have finally camped out for real but it wasn’t on a beach.

I went here:

Capfun Camping Le Grand Lierne in Châteaudouble, France.

I know what you’re thinking…

This is camping?! I’ve never seen a campsite like this before!

This was my exact reaction when I was told we’d be going there to camp out.

This campsite offers so many options for your camping needs you can get cabins for 4 people or cabins that are like mini homes for 10/12 people or you can get the camping pitch where you bring your own tent which is what we did.

Besides the camping aspect Capfun includes:

A Waterpark:

  • Heated pool
  • Heated covered pool
  • Heated paddling pool
  • The Space Bowl which is a sensational water slide, upon entering you’ll find yourself in a large funnel and the person with the most laps wins.
  • A Racer slide with three lanes so you slide side by side.
  • There is also a paddling pool with a snake water slide, for children younger than 6 years. They can enjoy pool time without any worry.

The Waterpark opens from 9.30h to 20h – Swimming shorts are prohibited (boxers or briefs allowed). Toddlers must wear diapers specially designed for swimming.

You must wear the bracelet provided by the park to enter the Waterpark area.

A Restaurant

A Bar

A Gift shop/ Mini market

Washing Machines costs 6€

Tumble Dryers costs 3€

A Game room

Children’s playground

You can find more information here.

You now know exactly where I went now I’ll tell you how I felt about this experience, before we even started getting ready for this adventure I was filled with so much anxiety. Being in such close quarters with so many people and the knowledge that I’d have no where to go to be by myself and decompress had me dreading the weekend.

The Thursday before we would leave I asked my husband what kind of clothes I should pack and his response was anything I want which is not helpful at all. Keep in mind that it is June summer weather and I’ve never been camping so I was going in blind. I tried searching information and it wasn’t helpful. I packed short sleeves, a strapless dress, one pair of jeans and my short pants. I also packed our sheets that we would need, I looked at our thicker sheets and thought it’s summer we won’t need it…

I was wrong, so wrong, I got everything wrong, it was cold and my clothing was inadequate for the temperatures. Our sheets were not thick enough at all. It was my worst nightmare. I stressed and stressed and felt like a failure because everyone else had these thick comforters and sweaters and I was there unprepared.

On the other hand I fully enjoyed my time there, without the few anxious moments I had fun and was not as drained as I thought I would be. If I needed time alone I could escape into the little zipped off room in the tent and just relax and read a bit.

My most notable moment of distress was when it started to rain and of blow up mattress got wet so I couldn’t escape into our tiny room anymore. The noise of all the talking and children screaming and laughing really frayed my nerves.

Luckily for me everyone wanted to go on a for a little adventure and visit an old tower they was nearby, in the end it was too far and we ended up going to a garden. I really enjoyed the fact that I could walk around by myself and not have all the noise beating at my head.

Water Lily in Montélier

While walking around the garden I came across some really interesting murals.

My husband viewing the art
Tiger statue

While leaving the garden we encountered two women removing decorations from a fountain, the children wanted to know why they were doing it and apparently they change the colors of the decorations every week. They also told us about another garden near by that we could visit and off we went.

This other garden had much more flowers, there were a lot of roses and crocheted things like snakes and spiders, there were also crocheted flowers!

I really enjoyed this garden a lot.

While at Capfun I did something I never thought I’d do ever. If you go back up you’ll we the picture of the slides in the Waterpark. Do you see that twirling three lane yellow slide? It’s the Racer slide and I went on it twice!

I’m deeply terrified of heights and deep water so going up those three flights of stairs to reach the top was nerve wracking. My legs were trembling and I couldn’t turn around even if I wanted to because there were so many people behind me wanting to go on the slide.

When we finally reached the top I was trembling but it was now or never do I got into the middle lane and…

Off I went!!

I won the race against my husband and son, best thing ever, I enjoyed it so much I went for a second time, this time while I was coming down I got water up my nose and decided that was enough.

We ate at the restaurant our last night at Capfun and there was a Just Dance show playing, my son ever the extrovert decided he was going to dance every dance. It was adorable and I’m happy he’s able to do the things he loves.

Our time soon came to an end and with it came a storm, there was so much rain and thunder the children were scared. I won’t lie but some of those thunders made me jump and wish I was home in my bed.

The drive back was pretty uneventful but the scenery was beautiful.

This was really a great trip and I’m glad I took those little steps out of my comfort zone.

There was talk of going again and if we do go I’ll be more prepared.

And there you have it my first time camping at Capfun Camping in Châteaudouble.

Best day ever

Hey everyone!

I just want to talk about yesterday and why it was the best day ever.

My husband has so many friends that from what I know of my childhood and my family it seems unnatural 😀 we spend a lot of time with them and it wears me out both physically and mentally. Don’t get me wrong I like his friends BUT I need time to myself to unpack all the stress of the week and it seems like I can never get that time because I’m always home with Naveen or at his parents or friends and that’s like being bombarded with even more stress. The talking, the laughing, the music, the smells, everything beats at me until I’m in a deep dark pit crying. To make matters worse we stay at these stressful events for hours and hours and I’m just tired and want to go home but he’s not ready to go home and Naveen is not ready. So there I am month after month being abused mentally.

Yesterday I decided to stay home by myself and it was wonderful!

I had the house to myself, it was quiet, I didn’t have to concentrate on anything other than watching one of my favorite movies The Princess Bride. I could feel all the stress leaving my body and my mood lifting.

If you have Social Anxiety and are also an Introvert like me never feel bad about staying home and watching your favorite movie, your mental health is way more important than being social because society dictates you must be, enjoy your time alone guilt free and don’t make it a one-time thing. When you feel yourself slipping engage in some self-care.

I am ready for the week now and actually thinking about smiling but we’ll see what tomorrow brings huh!

Until next time!

Reaching Out

Good morning!

This year in September will make four years since I moved to France and I still don’t have any friends, not really anyone. There’s nobody I feel relaxed enough to send a text message to or call and just sit around talk and laugh almost everyone I know over here is through my husband and your husband’s friends are not always your friends.

There is one woman who I occasionally share a “Bonjour” with that has no ties to my husband but that’s basically the extent of my French in public, “Bonjour”… I managed a “ça va” today because she and her son were not at school since last week Thursday and I did miss them. I wish so much that I can articulate what I want to say but at that moment I don’t even know what to say. I am honestly content just to walk beside them on our way to school and from school because it’s the loneliest feeling walking your child to school knowing you have nobody.

I’m trying to change that one step at a time because a giant leap is likely to do some real damage to the progress I’ve made and let’s face it I’m a cautious person and I need to be comfortable talking to someone or it will never happen.

Moving on to another subject, years back I had another blog that I only used once because I didn’t understand how to use it, I finally merged it to this one so you can see my old blog post here My Hiking Experience. I kind of wish that I had more hikes to post about but we rarely go anywhere anymore. I suppose I could go out to the park when it’s warmer and beg to visit the castle since we haven’t been there since last year. I swear I’m going to be a chatty Cathy until I go to the lake and other nature sites.

If I do get my way and I probably will I’ll be sure to post pictures so you can enjoy the scenery with us.

Until next time!


Bonjour à tous!

When in France right?

For the past two days, I have been inspired to revisit an old story I started working on about two years ago. All my interest in it had fizzled and it just sat there stagnant until Thursday when I was going through my old stuff and saw it. Immediately I felt this need to dust it off and breathe some new life into it. It’s not finished by any means, you can say that it is barely begun so I won’t have a lot of work to dissect and can just start writing whenever I feel like it. I tried to remember just why I never began my story and why it was put into a coma and the only thing I could think of was that I didn’t have the voice to tell it. I firmly believe that if you haven’t connected with your storyline on a deep level it will never get anywhere. A forced storyline is never a good thing and if you have to force it why are you writing it in the first place?

I read over my files, I keep very detailed records of my storylines whether it’s in old notebooks or digital notebook on Evernote or Google Docs. I have literally hundreds of half-built worlds and storylines, finished short stories that need a good editing. What I do not have is the desire to do what I know needs to be done. It has been so hard for me to push through my depression and get back to what I have always enjoyed but this month I feel like I will be able to accomplish much.

I do a bit of poetry and have some works in progress on Wattpad that I have been focusing on lately. If you’re interested and registered on the site you can view my profile here at LLDove.

My pieces are anything but popular but I feel like they fall into very specific niches and they are special to me especially Tales of an Introverted Expat and The Silence Inside Me, both are poetry-based and reference my depression, anxiety, and selective mutism to an extent.

The piece I am working on now can be typed as a Romantic Comedy, it is called One Night Romeo.

Gia Joseph was tired of the small town she grew up in where everyone knew her as the recluse, she wanted a fresh start somewhere new and exciting. It was cliche to move to France with the hopes of finding love but what Gia found was an unforgettable one night stand. She couldn't get this guy out of her head and against her better judgment began looking for him hoping that he was looking for her too. The problem with finding someone in a big city is that it's nearly impossible to run into the same person twice, somehow fate intervened and Gia found her one night Romeo, unfortunately, he didn't remember who she was!
Gia spends the entire summer manufacturing coincidental meet-ups with the hopes of reminding her Romeo of who she was and why he should be more than a one night Romeo.

I can’t say when it will be finished but I do plan on working on it until I am satisfied with it.