Gel Micellaire Nettoyant

Hey guys!Today I’m going to sidestep the emotional lol I got a lot of response from it and frankly I felt overwhelmed and needed to process. I never really meant for it to cast blame on anyone, I just needed to release something that’s been with me for many years. I’m happy to finally let it all out and now I’m going to talk to you about the new Gel Micellaire Nettoyant I bought recently from Le Petit Marseillais.

On this post I spoke about how much the scent is similar to the 1 Minute Masque that I recently tested and that this was the first Gel Micellaire that I’ve used. It is pretty different from Eau Micellaire but kind of similar to Milk Make up removers I’ve used before only in the fact that it’s not a tiny liquid. It was pretty sticky and left my skin feeling a bit heavy almost like I didn’t remove everything.It did work really well and got rid of all the everyday yuck but it’s a bit too heavy for me to use on a daily basis. I think I will leave this for those occasions when I have a full face of makeup on. I haven’t noticed any new breakouts since using this which is always a plus but I’ll be keeping a close eye on my face for the rest of the week.

Carrefour Haul!

Coucou !

Today we went shopping at Carrefour, I really wanted to get some of those press on nails that they had and see what hair supplies were available but I only accomplished one of those goals.

There were no press on nails to be found anywhere! But I did manage to get the entire line of Garnier Ultra Doux Richesse D’Argan as well as some other things.

Since my move here this line has been my holy staple and it is very hard to get my hands on all the products when I need them. They fly off the shelves so fast!

I also picked up Garnier Ultra Doux L’huile Merveilleuse aux huiles d’argan et de camélia which is also another one of my favorites, if I’m not using abierto one of Garnier’s oils. You can probably tell I adore Garnier’s products. What can I say? They work really well for my hair and they are inexpensive.

My last purchase was a Gel Micellaire Nettoyant from Le Petit Marseillais.

Gel Micellaire Nettoyant Fraîcheur de Rose

I’ve used Eau Micellaire from Cien which I’ve spoken about here and Eau Micellaire from U which I’ve also briefly spoken about here. This is my first time using a Gel Micellaire and I’m really interested in seeing what the difference is. The scent is the same as the 1 Minute Masque of theirs that I recently used and spoke about here.

All in all it was a pretty good haul and didn’t cost that much money.

If you’re lucky you can find all these products at your local Carrefour and you don’t have a Carrefour in your location then you might be able to find one of two item at a Super U, Lidl, Netto, or other supermarché. You can also try looking on Amazon, I can’t guarantee that the price will be pocket friendly though.

And now I leave you to do some reading.

Talk to you later!

Le Petit Marseillais 1 Minute Masque

Recently I was given the opportunity to test out the new 1 Minute Masque from Le Petit Marseillais, If you don’t know this brand it is can’t say that I blame you, I never heard of it either until I moved here but it has become a steady staple in our lives wether it’s leave in conditioner (I see you Karité et Argan) or lotion, Le Petit Marseillais has something for all you skin and hair needs.

Needles to say I was excited to have the chance to try out their 1 Minute Masque, I don’t normally have skin issues but lately I’ve been getting a couple pimples and this Masque is just what I needed to keep my face moisturized.

In my package I received:

2 Masque 1 Minute Sous La Douche

Fraîcheur de Rose Aux Roses bio de Méditerranée and Délice de Miel Au miel de Haute-Provence.

1 campaign packet

10 coupons for 1€ off any 1 Minute Masque.

You can find more information and stores near you (in France) that sell the masques at Le Petit Marseillais.

I used the Fraîcheur de Rose first and spoke about my experience on my personal Insta account.

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Wash day is the perfect time to try out my 1 minute mask from @lepetitmarseillais I tried the Fraîcheur de Rose and let me tell you the smell is divine. I love roses and this smells exactly like the rose in my mother's garden. There are little beads in here and I'm very particular about these because they tend be pretty harsh on my face but these are really gentle and I didn't really feel them at all. After washing off the masque my face is very soft and I'm beyond happy with the results. Seriously the scent is amazing, I can't stop opening the bottle to smell it 😅 I'm definitely going to buy more when I finish this bottle. #lpamasque #lepetitambassadeur #lepetitmarseillais #masque1minutesousladouche #france #expatlife #lifeofmom

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I used the Délice de Miel this morning and while the scent isn’t my absolute favorite I must say that it left my face feeling very soft and refreshed.


I will probably buy the Apricot and Lemon just to try them out and of course you already read that I will buy a new tube of the Rose when this one if finished. I’m still on the fence about the Honey, I mean I do like how soft my face is now but the smell? I guess only time will tell.

Now I’m off to finialize my thoughts on my camping experiecne, so look for that the next time I post!