Diaper Wars

When someone says to you “Diaper Wars” what is the first thing that comes to mind?
Huggies vs. Pampers? Pampers vs. Luvs? No doubt it’s probably one of those combinations or even Cloth vs. Disposable, well I’m not going to talk about that kind of diaper war, I’m going to talk about a diaper war most mothers (I’m hoping) know about, the kind where you’re baby won’t stay still and you have to literally fight them to change their diaper.

Naveen has always been a pretty good baby when it came to changing his diaper, no fights, no fuss, no hassle, all that changed when he hit 8 months, like it was a fricking magic number. He won’t just lay there and watch me with either his “What are you doing pervert?” or “Clean my butt loser” looks, nope, he has declared war on me and the diapers.

He will no longer lay there and be changed, he’s not even content to play his hand in whatever unholy mess he made, he means business when he turns and twists, screams and literally flings his arms around. He doesn’t care if he makes a mess on the bed and frustrates me, nope he just wants to hang free and roam the land. Sometimes I almost want to let him go commando but there are three little girls in this house and the youngest likes to grab his diaper front (She just turned 1). I’m worried that if he’s just dangling along she might grab a handful and injure him and seriously, I do not want to go to the hospital with my 8 month old and try to explain to them how my 1 year old niece managed to grab his bits and spin them like a helicopter. So, we fight and he loses but I feel like I’ve lost too because a 8 month old shouldn’t be able to aggravate you like this. I’m convinced I’m doing something wrong, why can’t I control a little baby??

Early warning, if I am not back before next week Friday, it means I have lost the battle and I’m chasing my diaper less son around the house.

8 Months

On June 28, 2014 my little baby made 8 months, it was also the 8th birthday of my second niece, the day before (June 27) had been the first birthday of my 4th niece. To be honest the entire month had been crammed with birthdays of cousin’s, a brother, brothers-in-law, uncles, and my grandfather.

I can’t believe my baby is 8 months, I guess I’ll be saying this for the rest of my life, it’s really unbelievable that last year I was 5 months pregnant and not even feeling any kicks yet, didn’t have much of a belly either, now my little boy is holding on to the sofa to stand up and trying to walk.

Now for my niece’s 8th birthday I made her a Doll Cake, I had only done this once before, and that was a good 5 years ago. I got frustrated because I couldn’t take my time on it so I feel like it wasn’t my best. My niece loved it so I guess it wasn’t so bad.
Cutting the bottom to even it out.
Checking to see how the lady sits on the cake.
After a lot of frustration got the frosting as smooth as I could.

After 5 years maybe it’s not so bad but it’s still far from what I can accomplish, with some more practice I’m sure I can do a Doll Cake I can be proud of again.

Teething is a nightmare.

My poor baby, he is suffering from this horrible affliction called teething. He wakes up in the middle of the night rubbing my gums furiously and crying his heart out, I try to help him with the teething toy, a cold wash cloth, anything people tell me and he’s still so miserable.

For the past two days this has been going on and I have had no sleep (When do I get sleep?!) and it is taking its toll on me. Today when he had a nap I was going to nap too so I laid down and felt sleep coming on slowly….he wakes up and cries. I held him and rocked him back to sleep, I left him there in my arms and fell asleep with  him, we got a good 2 hour nap and I felt awesome!!
After that nice long nap, he drank like he had never seen milk before, I took it as a sign that he wasn’t sick because I did have a little worrying thought that maybe he had gotten the cold from his cousins. Speaking of cousins, I was watching my youngest niece Yaya who is making 8 months soon while trying to watch little Navi. Kudos to you parents with twins because I don’t know how you manage two under one. I was wearing Navi in his carrier and pushing Yaya in her stroller, not so bad but when you release the beast (Yaya) she is creeping everywhere and I mean everywhere! I was holding on to Navi and trying to keep her from dive bombing off the bed, keeping her hands away from his hair. Don’t hit him Yaya! He’s too small for that! I was only too happy when my sister came back for her little minion.

Now I’m going to get started writing on a project I have been thinking of doing, it’s a bit challenging trying to write when Navi is up but he likes to listen to music like Mami and his stuff kangaroo is a pretty good talking buddy.